Good Luck and be Safe!

Not renewing photo hosting with Smugmug. Site will go down at the end of August 2020. It looks like for now I will not be returning to photography anytime soon. Do to how screwed up the world is. So many problems out there. It's not safe.

I will still keep my name of company and domain name. Email below will still work.

New contact info: 

Some video & photos are downloadable for free. Photos are sized to 4x6 print quality or larger.  Feel free to share through social media, post to your website, or print, where ever you want. Some charity events require a password to view the photos.  *Additionally some photo galleries are sponsored by businesses and photos in these galleries are marked with a business logo.  This is not a copyright, you can still freely use these photos as you like.

Legal: Some pages on this site have digital images of individuals taken at varying venues throughout the local areas. These pictures are taken without written consent of the subject, and will be treated as such. In respecting the better interests of the community, and our users, we will always remove pictures at the request of the subject(s).